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Infinite Luxury is a sales and marketing specialist located in Hong Kong and Shanghai representing luxury and unique hotels and resorts worldwide. The role of Infinite Luxury is to increase brand awareness and gain market share for hospitality companies. Our mission is to provide our clients with measurable results through individually designed services.

Infinite Luxury为世界各地酒店及度假酒店的市场销售专家,办事处设于香港和上海。Infinite Luxury 以其专业知识协助酒店提升品牌知名度及拓展市场,凭切合所需的服务让客户得享丰硕成果。凭着我们对市场的透彻了解,配合创新的策略方针,成功替客户落实行之有效的方案。我们不但深明客户的目标和期望,更竭力替其实践目标,以挚诚专业的服务在业内脱颖而出。